Breast Cancer | You Must Know Signs Of Breast Cancer

Most of the people having symptoms of breast cancer and signs originally will see only one or two, and the symptoms and signs does not automatically mean that you have breast cancer.By doing examination the breast monthly self, you will is easy to identify any change on the breast you.Make sure to speak with health professional you if you see something strange.

Check Your Breast | Can You Feel Breast Cancer?

Changes in feel the breast nipple the breast pain or lump or thickening at or near the breast or area the armpit a change the skin texture or enlargement the pores in the skin a breast ( some describe this as similar to the skin texture that is citrus ) a bump on a breast ( very important to remember that all a lump have to under investigation by a health professional, but not all a lump is cancer. )

Breast Cancer | Changes in the breast

Are you looking through every day your tits ? if not , starting today see change your tits .Sometimes many women not observant even indifferent about the breast .The form of the breast great or small not automatically free from any diseases this devastating .You need to understand more in the deferent of a sign breast cancer to be more make you realize early on this disease .Is not infectious , but in indonesia this disease almost bring more harm death to many women in indonesia .Most of them do not aware early about breast cancer. Any change described about it.

Breast Cancer | Signs and symptoms of breast cancer

  • Size or the form of the breast dimpling any on the breast the swelling of the breast ( especially if on one side only ) 
  • Depreciation unexplained a breast ( especially if on one side only ) 
  • Amendments symmetrical forms the latest of a breast ( although in general for women to have one of the breast that a little more greater than that of another , if the asymmetry last , have to be examined . )
  • Nipple of the breast that changed a bit into or reversed the skin the breast , areola , or nipple of the breast that the state of being scaly , red , or swollen or may have back or pitted resembling orange peel

Breast Cancer | Change nipple the breast

It is also important to note that discharge milk present when a woman does not suckle have to be examined by doctor, although not related with a breast cancer.If i have some of the, is it possible cancer?Most often, symptoms this is not due to cancer, but each symptoms breast cancer you see must be investigated immediately after found.

If you have the symptoms, you have to tell a doctor you so problems can be diagnosed and treated.If i do not have symptoms, i need to consider i do not have cancer?Although there is no need to worry, playback a routine that always matters.Doctor you can check breast cancer before you having the symptoms look.During a visit your office, doctor going to ask about health record personal and your family and have a physical.In addition, doctor you might ask one or more tests imaging, as mammogram.

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