Hypertension - High Blood Pressure

Hypertension Definition

Hypertension is a general disease in the neighborhood .This disease usually attacks blood vessels , either directly or slowly .Hypertension resulting in blood pressure in in the body being ascended drastic .Someone who undergoes hypertension when not immediately treated would be bad .Why ? because hypertension is a symptom a stroke .Hypertension is a disease when not immediately treated will cause disease a stroke , heart disease and can is risky to generate death .

Hypertension Symptoms

Hypertension causes symptoms vision disturbed .This is because hypertension causes high blood pressure , so as to affect the health of the eye .Besides , lightheaded , a nosebleed is also a symptom of hypertension .Nosebleed often occur due to hot weather , fatigue .A nosebleed is the escape of blood from the nose .hypertension symptoms can also be seen from tingling on blood pressure 149 / 60 .He explained to more we will explain. 

1. Often headache 

2. Happened bleeding at the nose 

3. Views eyes blurred 

4. Difficult concentrate and could not sleep 

5.Sensitive and irritability 

6.Often fatigue while doing activity 

7.Often urination 

8.Often sweating excessive 

9.The face pinkish 

10.Abdominal pain even often vomiting

  Hypertension symptoms above the most often experienced by some while he was hypertension.  Hypertension symptoms does make the condition of the body uncomfortable.So you need to know things that can  hypertension cause.

Hypertension - High Blood Pressure
Hypertension Causes

Cause Hypertension

Hypertension is a disease needs process of . Hypertension is not an illness a sudden attack you.Hypertension is not infectious disease that to others .So if there a myth who say that hypertension can spread it is wrong , because hypertension is a disease caused by faulty lifestyle .

Cause hypertension there are all sorts of .This must be awareness of you in lifestyle for your health .Because without us realizing plenty of food and drink we consumption can result in hypertension .Among them were food containing much fat very has the potential to cause hypertension .Sugary food and vetsin too much also drew hypertension or high blood pressure .Caffeinated like coffee and the like also can trigger hypertension .Brew containing alcohol also can trigger hypertension .And , if everything forbidden , we eat what ? drink what ? , are allowed , go for it , you shall eat and drink as above , but need to balanced with exercising routine .This can burn the womb sugar , salt , alcohol and the like that replaced with fitness the body .


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