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Breast cancer is one disease that is much discussed by the world community. This cancer kills many women as susceptible to breast cancer. Studies conducted by the World Health Organization states that at least 2000 people each day die of breast cancer. It is certainly an issue that we came to realize and look well. Actually, breast cancer can also affect men, but it is unlikely, this cancer mostly affects women. Lots of little things we need to consider regarding breast cancer to understand the characteristics of breast cancer
Sign Of Breast Cancer
Sign Of Breast Cancer

Signs and characterize breast cancer this dangerous.

Asthma or Shortness of Breath

One of the first signs lung cancer patients remember noticing when they look back is the inability to catch their breath. "I can not even walk across the yard without wheezing. I thought I had asthma, but why I did not have it before?" This is a description of how one woman described it.

That is out ngik ngik sounds like asthma when breathing is one of the symptoms characteristic of looking at the symptoms of breast cancer. You need to pay attention if you have never had asthma, and suddenly you have a situation that is similar to asthma.

Chronic Cough or Chest Pain

Some types of cancer, including leukemia and lung tumors, can cause symptoms that resemble a bad cough or bronchitis. One way to differentiate is on the cycles that occur or resumption of the cycle of chronic cough or chest pain. Some lung cancer patients report chest pain that extends up into the shoulder or forearm. While chronic cough or chest pain as a symptom of breast cancer  is no longer.

High fever or frequent infections

This can be a sign of leukemia, a cancer of the blood cells that starts in the bone marrow. Leukemia causes the marrow to produce abnormal white blood cells, which crowd out healthy white blood cells, weakening the body's ability to fight infection. Often, doctors finally catch leukemia in older adults after the patient had several times complained of fever, achiness, and flu-like symptoms over an extended period of time.

Difficulty Ingestion Food and Drink

Difficulty swallowing food and drink the state of difficult swallow food and drink s the condition that most often associated with cancer the esophagus or throat.The state of this is the truth because if there is difficulty in swallowing food and drink in any given period of time is one of first signs of breast cancer. But these symptoms need to the understanding medically to determine whether symptoms include lung cancer or symptoms breast cancer.

Enlarged Lymph Nodes or Lumps in the neck, breasts, armpits, or groin

Enlarged lymph nodes indicate changes in the lymphatic system, which can be a sign of cancer. For example, lumps or enlarged lymph nodes under the arm is sometimes a sign of breast cancer. Sometimes the bumps are not felt in the neck, armpit, or groin sometimes be an early symptom of leukemia.

Bruising or bleeding does not stop

These symptoms usually suggests something abnormal happening with the platelets and red blood cells which can be a sign of leukemia. A woman with leukemia described bruising in strange parts of the body, such as fingers and hands, as well as red spots on the face, neck, and chest. In addition there is bleeding gums.

Description: Over time, leukemia cells crowd out red blood cells and platelets, affects the ability of blood to carry oxygen and clumps. If this occurs, see a doctor immediately to find out.

Weakness or fatigue

"I had to sit at work all day, and I was too tired to drive home," said a woman in describing fatigue, explaining that he was suffering from leukemia.

General fatigue and weakness are symptoms of so many types of cancer. You should see these conditions in order to understand the symptoms you are experiencing. But whenever you feel tired for no explanation and did not respond to get more sleep, talk to your doctor.
Flatulence consideration this while this may sound that was too general phenomenon to be regarded as a symptom of cancer.Woman diagnosed had cancer the ovary be seen that flatulence who comes suddenly and kept on and off during a long period of time as menstrual.This is one of the primary ways they know there is something wrong with their bellies.This is also one of symptoms breast cancer. 

The stomach felt full of or satiety 

This condition also a symptom of cancer ovarian , women say they have no appetite and can not eat , even when they have yet to feed for some time .Any woman who experienced bloated visible or weight exaggeration ( criteria diagnostic more than 13 times over a period of one months ) - if true of you accompanied with soreness of the pelvis or the stomach felt full of , should you must immediately checked to the doctor to ask ultrasound pelvic . 
Pelvic Pain can mean many things .Even , because it is common symptom fibroid , ovarian cysts , and disorders channel other reproduction , doctors always thought cancer when you describe pain pelvic .Make sure your doctor see all possible explanations and do a full examination , because pain and cramps in the pelvis and the stomach to walk in tandem with bloated often signals ovarian cancer .Leukemia also can cause abdominal pain due to enlargement of the spleen.

Rectal bleeding or blood in the stool

"I thought it was hemorrhoids" is one of the most common things doctors hear when diagnosing colorectal cancer. Blood in the toilet alone is reason to call your doctor and schedule a colonoscopy. 
Weight if you see a raise of weight and you do not make changes for diet you or exercise, you need to ask why.Weight besides is early signs of colorectal cancer and digestion other, also were a sign of cancer that spreads to heart.This that affects appetite and ability of body you to clean up ourselves waste. 

Stomach cramps or abdominal pain

As simple as it sounds, the days of abdominal pain is normal, until the doctor ordered an ultrasound and discovered early on that they had tumors in their liver. Stomach cramps or abdominal pain can often indicate colorectal cancer, many cancer patients say their doctors thought they had ulcers.

Lump in the Breast

Women need to know how to check for lumps in the breast, if neglected cause of breast cancer. It is a sign of breast cancer is the most simple. Some women describe as a lump in the breast area.

Other signs of breast cancer is noticeably swollen, hot, or irritated. Red or purple color also need to beware. Contact your doctor about changes in your breasts.

Change Niple

Change nipple one of these changes the most common woman remember see before diagnosed with breast cancer is nipple who begin to appear flattened, reversed, or turned aside.' nipple i started figure such that was overturned, ' said one woman.In addition, inflammatory breast cancer also cause problems nipple, like the itch, scaly, or leather dry at a nipple milk -- so take change nipple serious. 

Bloated Face

Some patients with lung cancer report knowledge of swollen , swollen , or reddish in the face .Explanation for this is that the tumor cells small the lungs generally blocking a blood vessel in the chest , prevents blood from flowing copiously of the head and face.

Wound that difficult recovery

Most of us know to watch mole to the changes which may indicate skin cancer .But any sign of other , like a lump small wax or patches scaly dry , easier to pass over .Accustomed to with different types skin cancer, melanoma , cell carcinomas basal , squamous cell carcinomas and - and wary about check the skin around the body for growth that weird-looking or spots.

Nail Changes

on the nails could be a sign of some types of cancer. A brown or black streak or dot under the nail can indicate skin cancer, while newly discovered "clubbing" enlargement fingertips, with nails that curve down over can be a sign of lung cancer. Pale or white nails can be an indication that your liver is not functioning properly, sometimes a sign of liver cancer.

Pain in the back or bottom right side

As vague as this sounds, many cancer patients say this is the first sign of liver cancer, which is known as one of the "silent killer" (the other is ovarian cancer). Breast cancer is often diagnosed through back pain, which can occur when a breast tumor presses backward into the chest, or when the cancer spreads to the spine or ribs.  


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